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Workshops and Training

As an organization that exists to provide healing to our youth battling additions, we need to ensure that the services we deliver are adapted to the needs of the youth and the changes that they bring.

Over the years, we have grown as an organization and our knowledge and experiences has broadened with every new youth that comes in. They make us grow and we intend to continue this growth.

We will keep you informed about the training and the upgrading our staff go through in order to better meet the needs of the youth, their family and communities. When possible, we will share written documents related to the training. Also, here we will list any workshops being offered to our partners and/or to youth.


Training 2013 - 2014

Changing Minds
La Culture des Innus
Mental Health First Aid
Non-violent intervention Crisis Prevention
Aboriginal Shields
Language Training
Medication Management
Anger Management
Suicide Prevention & Intervention
Emotional Intelligence
Non Violent Crisis Intervention




Canadian Mental Health Association N.B
Tshakapesh Institut Culturelle
Mental Health Commission of Canada
Walgwan Center
University of Quebec at Temiskaming
Gesgapegiag Health Community Services
Immersion Baies Des Chaleurs
Pharmacie Brunet
Ressources Humaines Lambert
Mike Milliea
ASIST Training