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Centre Walgwan Center

The Walgwan Centre has two main goals:

  • Treatment of the substance abuse
  • Rehabilitation of the youth

    The reality of native youth, solvent and other substances abusers and with adaptation problems, make it mandatory to establish an organization of services that integrates treatment of solvent/substances abuse and psycho-social rehabilitation following these objectives:
    • To stop youth's behaviour of solvent/substances abuse and counter the influence of associated factors;
    • To encourage the pursuit or the resumption of the integral development of the youth with problems of adaptation and the re-establishment of harmonious relation; with his/her natural environment;
    • To promote the development of the youth's personal identity in the respect of the native culture and continuity with the values of his/her native community of origin.

Being Youth Driven

The Walgwan Centre orientates its intervention of rehabilitation in function of the following principles:

•  The youth are the first concerned by the intervention. The intervention takes into account their level of motivation and has an objective to implicate them fully in all decisions that concern them.

•  Parents or legal tutors are responsible for answering to the needs of the youth. The intervention has an objective to implicate them fully in all the decisions that concern the youth and they need to support their efforts.

The youth in relation with their environment; the intervention has for objective to implicate the significant persons fully as resources. They are the resources most likely to support the youth in their efforts.