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One important value of the First Nation people is sharing. This value has been one essential element explaining the survival of the First Nations throughout their history, their pains and their sufferings.

In recovery from addictions, sharing has remained. This important value enables many to overcome their own life trauma. In this section, we invite anyone that could share how they have survived addiction and traumatic life experiences. Through your testimonies, we are convinced that you may help others to be enlightened, and find ways to start new chapters in their book of life where happiness can start to be written.

L wrote to us: ... "So today, I don't use any more... and I am still going to school. Sometimes, I will go to a bar, but I am only going to play pool. I am able to stay sober when I go. Sometimes it happens that I am tired and on edge, but once at home, I always try to follow the tips I 've learned at Walgwan Centre. Therapy helped me a lot since I 'm sober. I 'm so proud of myself and of where I am now.

So you can see that even though I did not use the tools immediately after I left Walgwan, it helped me for later. I am grateful for coming to this therapy, I have known good people and I had the right tools too."

M… loved the program, she did not want to leave when she would come and visit. She finds that this program helped her daughter a lot. She is very satisfied with what was offered to her. This program gave her back her daughter, as well in the end, it has helped her.

S… said that the program helped her a lot. She learned a lot from the elders through stories. It helped her to become more positive. She said that the psychologist as well helped her a lot. That by making friends within the program she was able to learn more about her culture (jingle dancing, smoke dancing.) And that now she is able to open up to people, that her inner child was able to come out.

K… wrote to us: Without my treatment at Walgwan center and my experience at 15 and I would not know where I'd be. I stayed sober for 5 years and now, I pray and hope I never touch alcohol again. Things will change, people will try and bring you down, try and belittle you, but in the end it's not you. They are so jealous of your strength that they end up trying to bring you to their level and drink or do drugs but they are too weak to make the change. Support is the main thing we need. We need our own traditional ways still living strong. It's us, this generation has to step up and clear our minds from the poison.