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Centre Walgwan Center


The services offered at the Walgwan Centre include Pre/Post Services. Our interveners are directly involved in evaluating the clientele prior to admission to our Centre, working closely with the local community interveners, and, as much as possible, traveling to the communities and participating in the assessment of youth being referred. While in the communities, our interveners will also follow up on our clientele who have returned home, evaluating and offering continued support in their ongoing recovery process.

Residential services are when the youth are coming into our program for rehabilitation services. We expect the clients to participate in the residential program for 3.5 months at the Walgwan Centre. In the first phases of the program, we are concerned with the detoxification period. The youth are closely observed. We evaluate their health and their capacity to understand the program and initiating the daily activities progressively. The youth admitted will have a psychological assessment by our psychologist who will provide support to the youth throughout the program.

After the first two (2) weeks we start implementing the intervention plan, working more precisely on aspects of their life they have recognized as needing to be changed or improved. At this phase, we rely also on the resources in the community of origin. In the last phase, we work on preparing the youth to return home, preparing them to reintegrate into daily activities when they return to the community. An aftercare plan is prepared in collaboration with the youth that will serve as a plan of action guiding the youth once back home. This aftercare plan includes the identification of resources that will provide the support needed for the youth to continue in their recovery process.

A family program is also included in the phases of the residential program. We will invite family members and/or significant ones to come to our program and participate in the youth's recovery journey. This involvement will also be the occasion for these individuals to learn more about substance abuse, about issues needed to be addressed and identifying resources when in need of extending recovery to the family units.