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For Referral Agents

Any youth who is requesting treatment must be properly assessed first in order to determine whether this is the best option for their needs.

Firstly, treatment is not for everyone and before choosing a residential program such as the Walgwan Centre, a youth should look into services provided in the community. Treatment should be looked at only when the community resources have been exhausted and/or the youth is at risk.

Secondly, the assessment should include all the treatment options and evaluation of the individual on an interpersonal and social level. Case history and background information on social, substance and family history can be part of the assessment as well.

Thirdly, if a youth is going with a treatment program then he/she will be asked to participate in not only the pre-admission but also the treatment and post-treatment phase.

After completing the program, the youth would be asked to collaborate with the Walgwan Centre and with other services offering the most beneficial services to him/her. This is important to promote their well-being, to support the families and guide them to the proper resources to ensure a healthy balance when the youth returns to his/her community.