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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Gesgapegiag?

Gesgapegiag is a small First Nation's community located on the Gaspé coast in the province of Quebec.

How do I get referred at Walgwan Centre?

Referrals can be made from an agency or organization like the NNADAP worker, youth worker, psychologist, social services or hospital.

How long is the treatment?

Our treatment program is 15 weeks long.

Do I have the right to make phone calls while I am at the Centre?

Yes, you are allowed to make one weekly 15 minute monitored call. You may also get a second phone call by keeping your room clean for five days straight. You can also receive an unlimited amount of calls within reason in accordance with the phone schedule times

Can I go out alone?  

No, all outings are supervised and accompanied by an adult staff member, there are no day or weekend passes.

When can my family visit me at the Centre?

This depends on each individual and where they are at in their recovery. Usually a family visit is organized during the treatment program but not before completing at least one month in program.

Can I go and shop with my own money?

Shopping is allowed once a month with your own money, however a list of items that you wish to purchase is required before going shopping.

Can my friends come along during family visits?

No, family visits are for family members only. We wish that during these visits with family members you can work in rebuilding your relationships as a family.

Do I have to participate in activities during my treatment program?

Yes, you are encouraged to participate in all the activities during your program. If there is a problem and you cannot participate, then we encourage you to talk to us so we can work on making the activity enjoyable for everyone.

Can I go to regular school while I am at Walgwan?

No, but you will be asked to participate in the school program on-site at the Walgwan Centre. A teacher comes in and will assist you with your current subjects from your community school.

Am I going to have grade credits when I attend school at Walgwan?

We ask that you bring your own school material to work from. We will work with your school to obtain tests and exams and have you complete them while in treatment and we will return them to your school for grading. This way you're able to take care of yourself and you are able to get some school credits too.

Should I bring my school books?

Yes, we prefer that you bring your own material to work from. If you are not in school prior to treatment then once you arrive, we would have you do a placement test with adult education and go from there.  

Who is going to pay for the travel expenses?

Health Canada pays for travel arrangements. This depends also on your community's contribution agreement. Sometimes communities are given a lump sum from Health Canada and it is the community that handles the medical and traveling expenses.

Who is going to organize the trip?

The Centre with the implication of the referral, the parents and the youth will organize trips. It is the referral who makes contact with the family and arranges for traveling.

I was prescribed some medication can I bring them with me? Can I renew my prescription?

It is always best to include all medications when filling out the medical section of the admission request. Medications are permitted within reasons for example, asthma pumps, birth control pills, acne medication, etc. However any medications such as narcotics, stimulants, anti-depressants will be assessed case by case.

Can I fill in the Admission Request Form myself as a parent or as a client?

No, the admission request must be filled out by an agency or a resource in the community. A parent cannot fill out the forms but a parent will be asked to sign a consent form allowing their child to participate in the treatment program.  

Can I be referred by a CLSC or a hospital?

Yes, both of these agencies can make referrals for treatment.

Can I visit my son/daughter anytime I want?

No, visits need to be planned in advance. Paid visits are done at admission, following another visit during the treatment and then a final one at graduation. Besides these mentioned times, it is the parent's responsibility to pay for any visits that will take place. Visits need to be authorized beforehand and planned in accordance to the youth's needs at that present time.

Why is TB test mandatory?

Tuberculosis is a common transmitted infectious disease known to First Nation populations; it can be spread through the air by sneezing, coughing and spitting. Since we live in a close group setting we want to prevent any infections as best we can, therefore we ask that you get tested prior to coming.

When is the next intake?

We operate within a block programming, please refer to our calendar to know the next intake.