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Family Support

At the Walgwan Centre, emphasis is put on the family aspect throughout the youth's treatment plan. We believe that we have to work together to make a difference in not only the person battling the addiction but with the family as well.

Our goal to work closely with the referral source or other identified agencies and significant ones in strengthening and/or re-establishing a cohesive family dynamic for all those involved. We ask that the youth's family be involved in their son/daughter's treatment plan by supporting them through consistent phone calls, monthly conference calls or participate in family information sessions during two scheduled family visits.

Family members are also invited and encouraged to work with our psychologist in repairing damaged relationships. Meetings can be established during the family visits.

Our elders play an important role where it is possible to heal through a cultural approach by incorporating Elder-lead ceremonies such as forgiveness ceremony, sweat lodges and talking circles.

We encourage the family members to do their part in the healing process and although this may be challenging at times it is done in a respectful, non-judgmental manner in bringing families together again, re-establishing trust, letting go of the past, and turning the page not only towards a healthier lifestyle but a healthier relationship as well.