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Centre Walgwan Center

Our Clientele

Our program is designed to serve First Nations and Inuit youth between the ages of 12 to 17 years old. Younger applicants may be considered depending on certain criteria.

The youth being referred to the Walgwan Centre have recognized their need for positive change. Proceeding with their commitment we start communicating with him/her through pre-treatment visits in the community or by talking to the youth and their family by phone.

We have categorized the types of substance abuse into three groups:

•  The experimental users

•  The social users

•  The chronic stage of solvent abuse.

The Walgwan Centre focuses on the youth who are considered social users. This includes youth who abuse solvents and other substances with their peers, during weekends, when bored and looking for some excitement, trying to alleviate certain problems in their life or whenever the occasions arise.

In the cases of chronic abusers, youth who inhale solvents and other substances on a regular or daily basis regardless if they are with peers or on their own, these cases will be closely evaluated and may be referred to the Solvent Abuse Treatment Center in Thunder Bay, Ontario. After having completed their detoxification period, they may be able to return to our Center for the rest of the rehabilitation process.