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Centre Walgwan Center
    Our Board of Directors

Our Executive Committee

President: Jacqueline Kistabish

Vice President: Jeannette Boivin

Secretary Treasurer: Jeremy Jerome


Jean-Claude Therrien-Pinette

Curtis Nelson

Mélanie Napartuk

Words from Chairperson

Mrs. Jackie Kistabish

It is an honour for me to represent the Walgwan Centre since my nomination as President. Every year brings challenges as we make the efforts to better meet the needs of the clients and addressing their well being looking towards the future for the next generations.

It is important to mention that without the involvement of the personnel, clients would not have opportunities such as the services we provide at the Centre, and finding resources to help them on their path to recovery. While addressing many difficult issues and ensuring continuum of care, the Board of Directors will continue to oversee the activities of the Centre with an approach that promotes respect and wellness.